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Ottumwa-Wapello County Compliance Program Case Study

Site History:
The Ottumwa-Wapello County Landfill Area A municipal solid waste landfill (MSWLF) unit stopped receiving waste in the early 1990s, and the closure permit was issued in 1994. Compliance activities including groundwater sampling, ambient air monitoring, leachate level monitoring, engineering inspections, and final cover maintenance were on-going for the Area A MSWLF unit.

Results from Barker Lemar’s Landfill Compliance Program:
Barker Lemar identified the Area A MSWLF unit as a candidate to move towards ending post-closure care. Our team met with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources  to discuss a path forward in a manner that would allow ending post-closure maintenance with fewer on-going requirements. This included eliminating groundwater sampling, eliminating subsurface landfill gas monitoring, and reducing engineering inspections to once every other year.

The Ottumwa-Wapello County Solid Waste Commission received compliance requirement changes which included:

  • Utilizing a more powerful statistical method that allowed the collection of meaningful data and statistical evaluation allowed for groundwater sampling and reporting to be discontinued.
  • Approval to change from ambient air monitoring to subsurface gas monitoring to determine if landfill gas was migrating off-site. Based on the consistent measurements below action levels, landfill gas monitoring and reporting was discontinued.
  • Engineering inspections were reduced from twice per year to once every other year.

Compliance Program Cost Savings Estimated to Date at $11,500/annually